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Jane’s work as an artist references the ever-changing outlines of the landscape. Her gestural paintings exude energy and movement and are often on a large scale.

Her abstract paintings contain a real sense of place, inspired in equal measure by the South Downs, where she spends a lot of time, and the hustle and bustle of London where she has lived for many years.

The amalgamation of these contrasting environments is evident in her work. From this there is an obvious process of deconstruction and reconstruction. For Jane the act of painting is a continuous process always changing, always taking away, to create something new. This is an integral to her practice and what she considers representational of our disposable society.

Her work is a combination of paintings and prints. Both complement each but are not reliant on each other in the process of layering and the exploration of mark making. Prominent in her work is the strong use of colour both in intensity and in vibrancy. The use of fluorescent colours that often spar with each other capture the essence of the landscape, while the thin translucent layers, showing traces of what has gone before, enhance the feeling of transience.

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