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"I grew up on a farm in a small village called Coven. My mom was always reading and collected a lot of Penguin books because she liked the style of the book covers - as well as Ladybird books and Bunty books. So I decided to paint her a Penguin Book as a surprise and thatís how this all started. I have always liked to paint, but usually I do this for myself Ė even when people have offered me money for my paintings at home I have always said no. But I have decided to take up painting a couple days a week so I can start to share my work with everyone!

I do like a good joke, and I donít like to take things too seriously Ė life is too short to be serious. So I started to paint Penguin Book paintings with a funny twist, but also put little hidden messages within the paintings too.

My hidden messages are there for a bit of extra fun, as I would like people to find them and piece together some of the clues I leave behind. I am a big reader of UFO & ancient archaeology books and love anything to do with the paranormal although I donít believe everything I read & watch on TV, as some things are just obviously faked for the internet points. Anyway thatís enough about me. I hope you enjoy my work!Ē

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