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Evoking a palette of emotions through her art, Rae draws from her own life experiences and the countryside around her for inspiration. Working from her studio at home in North Dorset, her materials of choice are clay, wax and plaster.

Steeped in the ancient hill-land environment, Raeís work reflects the elements of the Stone, Iron and Bronze Age Hill Fort Settlements that surround her. The horse, its history, and the role it shares in that landscape embodies that collaboration.

"This year Iíve walked and walked. Nature and ancient history combine, past and present; beauty can be captured from adversity. And man can draw strength from his environment today just as he did 2.5 million years ago."

From the initial sculptural sketches of ideas, her provocative pieces evolve into works of power and vulnerability.

Rae lives with her family and 2 dogs in North Dorset.

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