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Soozy Barker comes from a family of British published and award winning writers, artists and jewellery designers. Soozy herself became internationally published In 2017. She is known for her absorbing and vibrant abstracts.

Her work is based on nature, memories of childhood wanderings around woodlands and meadows in the Countryside where she grew up.

Soozy’s childhood home had a very large garden with a beautiful natural pond. As a family they would skate on it in the winter. Soozy recalls seeing the sunlight bounce off the surface of the ice. Illuminating the frozen reeds and vegetation as she whizzed round and round. By the side of the pond stood a very large willow tree. It danced in the wind. She would sit under it and watch the shapes reflect off the water.

Soozy is still fascinated by reflections and incorporates the imagery in her work. “To me nature is art. It is one giant abstract canvass”.

Greatly inspired by marsh lands and wetlands. The shimmering water and swaying reed beds leading out to the Estuary. It’s one of her favourite favourite images. Nostalgic and mystical.

She uses a mixture of oil paints, acrylics, metallic powders, linseed oil, glass beads, and resin. Applied with an array of brushes and palate knives. She has some secret tools which are very unique to her style.

Clients include Anna Friel, Frank Gardener, Nick Robinson. Corporate clients include Starbucks, British Credit Trust, Tower Leasing, Next, European Land & The Crown Estate.

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