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Toni Cogdell was born in Bristol, England, in 1979. Continuing along an artistic path she graduated with a BA Hons degree in Fine Art in 2002, launching straight into her own studio practice thereafter. While exhibiting her work across the UK as well as selling internationally, she has honed her process and techniques to give voice to her expression; a personal style seeking to connect with the world around her.

Painting intuitively, in the space between figuration and abstraction Toni finds a freedom which allows her to go deeper into the intangible substance of the psyche and human condition without restricting or enforcing definitive ideas. Pulling recognisable truths into the work while opening up to the unknown, her paintings are looking for a balance, a coming together of moments, a kind of peace. In every journey travelled there is darkness as well as light, with more questions than answers. And these are the places Toni looks to find beauty.

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