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“Painting for me is a love affair. My work is a celebration of all that is good in the world.”

Yvonne Coomber is a contemporary British Artist and ambassador for wildflowers and
plants. She trained in Sussex and has been working as a professional painter since
2002. Her artwork is held in private and public collections worldwide.
Her evocative, dreamy, rainbow drenched paintings sing of wild tumbling hedgerows,
tangled meadowlands, open moorlands and magical forests. Yvonne is passionate
about our wild spaces and wild flowers and is collaborating with Plantlife a British
conservation charity who work nationally and internationally to save threatened wild
flowers, plants and fungi. She is also a patron of The Eden Project.
Yvonne always works outside, so lacy ice and howling gales have as much influence
on the final painting as scorching sunshine and gentle breezes. The weather in a very
direct way dictates how and where the paint falls. The creation of the piece is a very
physical demanding process that requires her all. The initial marks are an energetic
dance around the canvas and they burst with raw emotion and passion. In the early
stages of the process she throws, rubs, dribbles and pours radiant washes onto linen
responding to internal and external landscapes as they unfold themselves.
She constantly pushes the boundaries of her practice and is committed to ever
deepening her relationship to the canvas, is fascinated, excited and inspired by
materials and their ability to create a powerful visual force saturated in love. Colour is
central to her vision and she layers its abundantly, taking her time to create depth,
emotion and complexity in the paintings.
The artwork has the instant capacity to transport the viewer to an effervescent place
of happiness that is literally saturated in joy. A place where paint smiles. Weaving her
heart and soul into each painting her intention is always that these pieces
communicate joy, happiness and tenderness. The work is ultimately a celebration of
love in all its manifestations.

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